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AXLR8 FastTrack for Freedom of Information

The AXLR8 FOI package is amongst the most common knowledge management and tracking packages in Local Government and other areas of the UK Public Sector, providing an early solution to a regulatory issue. It has since been taken up widely in the commercial sector. It has also been integrated with Trigaware(tm), and the complaints and information request management functionality provided by AXLR8.


It was built to the original Pathfinder project with WSCC, led by Arun DC using Prince II methodology, and was then marketed actively using AXLR8’s FastTrack CRM, which importantly logged client and prospect feedback.


This feedback was queued in AXLR8's internal development and version control management systems so that the application and associated services were constantly improved. The revenue generated, together with investment from AXLR8, provided funds for this to become a very sophisticated and helpful solution for many costly knowledge and document management needs and for information request tracking.

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